Death Of A Friend

                    The sun perched lightly on the rooftop –
                    Too warm for a stiff collar,
                    A tie, and a dusty sport jacket.
                    Too warm, indeed, as six men –
                    Friends and relatives all –
                    Labored with the casket.       

                    And she was there –
                    A surprise, actually,
                    For it had been years.
                    A surprise, indeed, for two kids –
                    Shivering with each fiery touch –
                    To meet as adults behind the tears.       

                    The sun sagged heavily on the horizon –
                    Collapsing, slowly,
                    As night pressed on.
                    Collapsing, indeed, while embers waned –
                    Emptiness poured in –
                    As she turned to seek the dawn.