Electronics Projects

Here are some hobby electronics projects that might be of interest.  Most use the PIC micro-controller and include the complete assembly language source code.  View this as proof that an old dog can indeed learn some new tricks.

3-wire, 8-bit LCD Interface

IR Remote Decoder

Ultrasonic Module Interface

Bluetooth Module Interface

Bluetooth Toy Car


Using the PIC Wake-up Feature

Temperature Logger

Model Train Controller

IR Remote for Subwoofer

IR Transmitter

4-bit LCD Interface

Graphics LCD Interface

Rescue an Orphan Dell Subwoofer

Dell 5650 IR Interface

Digital Potentiometer

PIC Real-Time Clock

PIC UART to USB Interface

PIC Wi-Fi Interface 1     PIC Wi-Fi Interface 2     PIC Wi-Fi Interface 3

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

I2C LCD Interface

I2C Real-Time Clock

Rotary Encoder Switch

SD Card Interface

Fingerprint Scanner Interface

RFID Interface

DDS Output and Frequency Counter

MP3 Player Interface

Serial GPS Interface

RF Serial Link

AcuRite Weather Sensor Receiver

RF Security Sensor Receiver

Rootin’, Tootin’, Shootin’ Game

Intruder Alert

I2C 4-Digit LED Interface

Etekcity Wireless Socket Hacks

HIIT Timer

Slot Machine