Home is Where the Heart is

I talked about the basics of working with copper pipe in the 3D Star post so I won’t repeat that information here.  I also talked about how I use epoxy instead of solder and different methods for finishing and hanging your piece.  In this post I present my design for what I call “Home is Where the Heart is”.

The Design

Home Heart

This project uses 1/2 inch pipe and fittings.  The drawing of the design with all measurements (in inches) is shown above.


I take two steps (two days) to put this together because it is easier to handle that way.  The first day I build the heart and then the second day I build the house frame around it.  To join the inside and outside together you will need to cut one inch pieces of pipe.  These go inside of the tees.

I spread some wax paper on the bench top to lay it on while the epoxy sets.  That’s just in case some of the epoxy leaks out of the joints on the bottom side.  There’s nothing worse than coming back the next day and finding your piece glued to the bench.

My Version


Here’s my finished version.  That’s it for this post.  Check out my other projects.