Nibbles and Bits

                             Once upon a midnight dreary,
                             As I pondered weak and weary –
                             O’er a screen of crucial code.

                             As I nodded almost sleeping,
                             Suddenly there came a beeping –
                             As if something evil creeping,
                             Creeping, ghost computer node.
                             Could it be a burnt diode?

                             First my eyes snapped like a shutter,
                             Then my heart began to flutter –
                             As I entered panic mode.

                             The screen grew bright and then it cleared,
                             But finally some words appeared –
                             The words that in my mind are seared,
                             Seared like skid marks in the road.
                             Enmity the VAX bestowed.

                             As I read the words so stunning,
                              I fought the urge to start running –
                             Over to some safe abode.

                             When I logged off all a jitter,
                             And cussed this binary critter –
                             It beeped again one last titter,
                             Titter as it seemed to goad.
                             Quote the VAX: “Disk Overload”.