I remember when Sputnik was launched and I remember the United States answering by launching its own satellite called Echo.  I was a boy at the time, living near Detroit, Michigan, and I used to be able to stare up from my backyard on clear summer nights and actually see Echo moving across the sky.  It was just a small speck of light but I was thrilled each time that I saw it.  Part of the thrill was due to my imagination working overtime on pictures of space travel and alien creatures.  Another part of the thrill was due to the fact that it was just an exciting time to be alive and to be a witness to history being made.  Now I’m able to stand here 50 years later and say “I was there and I saw it myself”.  In a small way it makes me feel connected to something important.


Today there is so much going on and so much history being made that it can make us feel overwhelmed and not connected to something significant.  It can be the same way as a Christian.  We can look at all of the giants of the faith and feel overwhelmed and insignificant.  But God doesn’t feel that way about us.  That’s certainly clear from the Bible when we look at who God chose to do his work.  He chose murderers, thieves, prostitutes, and all sorts of irresponsible people.  So if you feel that there isn’t anything that God can do with you, you’re wrong.  And if you feel insignificant and unconnected, just remember that the creator of the Universe thinks you are significant and wants you to be connected to him.  Believe me, there isn’t any greater thrill than that.